18 February, 2010

new music: Arches

So I've come back from the nation's biggest intercollegiate debate tournament in beautiful Berkeley, CA. Our status as debate terrorists continues to get bigger, as our completely nonsensical, intentionally rabble-rousing, and totally awesome argument took down some big fish and crushed some little nerds' dreams of going to the Tournament of Champions. Which is all you can really hope for.

Right: music.

Okay--just let me stop you right there. I know, this band sounds just like Real Estate and I know, they're also from New Jersey. But back when I was a kid, being associated with your scene's best and highest-profile band was a good thing.

Enter the Garden State's Arches, who you could think of as a vague halfway point between Real Estate and SF's Young Prisms, taking elegant, lazily tropical guitar-pop and giving it a more minimalist garage slant. If you're still reading by now, you already love this band, so here's the three mp3's I was able to get a hold of.

mp3-> Arches - Fallen Leaves [Demo]


mp3-> Arches - Comin Back Again [Demo]


mp3-> Arches - Another Fading Memory [Demo]


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