12 February, 2010

Live from the Cal Speech & Debate Invitational, Day 1

Today I, along with the sharpest nerds from across this great nation, converged on the venerable ivied halls of The University of California, Berkeley for arguably one of the biggest, most prestigious intercollegiate debate competitions in the nation.

Naturally, I began it homeless. Trudging from spot to inconspicuous spot around the sprawling campus in a vain effort to kill time until the school I had been hired by arrived and I was able to check into my hotel in downtown Oakland.

Also naturally, this didn't happen. Luckily, through cosmic chance and choice connects, I type this from the luxurious apartment of a pair of lovely collegians.

So here's a new Memoryhouse video.

Memoryhouse - Lately from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

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