04 February, 2010

mp3: New Beach Fossils - Desert Sand

Last time I wrote about Brooklyn's Beach Fossils, the whole "beach music" wave was just beginning to crest. Flash forward six months, and hearing a band name like Beach Fossils sends warranted shivers up my hype-addled spine. No matter, Dustin Payseur's tunes immediately dispel any notion of bandwagonism or mediocrity.

The excellent homies at Captured Tracks are finally releasing some legit Beach Fossils that you can pay for. This awesome new track, appropriately titled "Desert Sand," backs up "Daydream" (my would-have-been-song-of-the-year-if-it-was-actually-on-a-record-in-2009) on the forthcoming 7''. Like aesthetic contempo That Ghost's last EP, "Desert Sand" finds the fossils moving from bedroom surf-rocky stuff into some full-on psychedelia.

mp3-> Beach Fossils - Desert Sand [from the Daydream/Desert Sand 7'', out 2/9 on Captured Tracks]

[Download][via IGIF]

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