04 February, 2010

New Music: Taste Parade

Taste Parade make avant-pop music that's big and bright and shiny and weirdly catchy in that circular, meandering Animal Collective way.

Which is to say, while these songs don't "go" anywhere per se, they do so in exceedingly pleasing ways. To wit: the floating sing-songy vocals on "Be Deep Happy," or the sputtering electribe percussion that drags out the evaporating outro. These songs are filled with little moments, and--shit--I like "little moments." A lot.

According to the MySpizzle, they're DIYing themselves an album to be released sometime "in the Spring." Incidentally, don't hesitate to head to their MySpace and stream "Shine," which seriously kills.

Also holy shit this band only has 57 MySpace friends, look how indie I am.

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