14 December, 2010

new song: beach fossils - calyer

I couldn't have asked for a better treat after polishing off my last exam. This new Beach Fossils tune first appeared a little while ago in live form, and it was pretty great. The studio version, though, is a different animal entirely. If the band's early recordings had a workmanlike quality to them, here every note is rendered with an artist's brush. Every pristine guitar pluck shines out like an overexposed Polaroid, squiggling around in unexpected ways. I can't overemphasize the gorgeousness of the guitars on this song. It comes from an upcoming Captured Tracks EP, which has quickly jumped to the top of my most-wanted list.

mp3->Beach Fossils - Calyer (from the What a Pleasure EP, out 2/22 on Captured Tracks)

(via p4k)

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