21 April, 2010

RIP Voxtrot

The past couple years haven't been kind to Voxtrot. Following the runaway success of their early releases, their debut LP decidedly failed to deliver on early promise, and the less said about one-off single "Trepanation Party" the better. But Voxtrot shone so brightly that their numerous missteps couldn't dim the anticipation I felt for something--anything--new from the Austin indie pop heros.

Alas, t'was not to be.

Via frontman Ramesh's blog:
The career path of Voxtrot was truly one of long, simmering build, explosion, and almost instantaneous decay. Slowly, I am learning to replace any feelings of regret with positive memories of how amazing the whole thing was, and how it has, in an unexpected way, fortified my character.

That even sounds like a Voxtrot song. Whimper.

Here's my favorite thing the band ever released, "Missing Pieces."

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