16 March, 2009

New Voxtrot - Trepanation Party

Voxtrot just released their new Jim Eno-produced single, recorded recently in the Spoon drummer's Austin, TX home studio.

And boy, does it suck. I'm hoping this one's a grower, but initial impressions don't bode well. Far removed from the Sarah-aping bright-eyed days of their first EPs, Voxtrot here go for more of an 80s-flavored, synth-backed sound. It's a style that doesn't seem to suit the band, lending a forced feeling to frontman Ramesh Srivastava's typically personal lyrics. Here's hoping subsequent listens, or hopefully a surprise sophomore triumph, can turn this feeling around.

mp3->Voxtrot - Trepanation Party

(via Voxtrot.net)

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