23 April, 2010

The Record Company Chased me to Tumblr

That's it, this is the third time motherfucking Blogger has caved to the DMCA and sent me a bogus takedown notice that a.) is so mind-fuckingly stupid and wrong it isn't even funny (seriously you fucking morons, the labels released all those songs for free themselves) and b.) resulted in my losing 3 or 4 file hosting accounts.

So, in summation: blogger can fucking kiss my ass. You are sniveling cowardly worms, shamelessly pimping yourselves to one of the most oppressive and evil industries plaguing the world today and doing your very best to serve them. You are lower than shit. I hate you so motherfucking much. If you really want to destroy music so thoroughly, take such a huge shit on art, then you can do it without me.

Fuck you forever,
I'm Into CB

we are now here: http://www.imintocb.tumblr.com

jk lol

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