23 February, 2010

new music: John K.

In West Philadelphia, born and raised: John K. writes stupifyingly catchy pop music that comes off as a limited edition NES cartridge painted "AM Gold." Running the gamut from syrupy, irresistibly earnest synth-kitsch to wiry 80s goth, John K's latest free album Lost In the Beat is by far one of the best uses of your bandwidth this side of searching for extraterrestrial life.

The dude at yvynyl hipped me to them last month but I haven't gotten around to checking em out till this past weekend, and they haven't left my stereo since. I can't help listening to "Lost In the Beat" and imagining the wicked green-screen and spandex dancegasm that must have been going down in the homie's bedroom during its recording, and "Till Tonight" is what I'd imagine Speak & Spell would sound like if it was recorded in a basement between chilling on Prince records. All of which is good, good stuff.

mp3->John K. - Lost in the Beat (from Lost in the Beat)

mp3->John K. - Shouldn't be Talkin to Me (from John)

Luckily for us all, you can download THREE ALBUM'S WORTH of John K material by clicking on the links below. You're welcome.

Lost In the Beat


Move John (Instrumental)

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