24 February, 2010

mp3: Ganglians Live on the Daytrotter Sessions

Full disclosure: today during the 15 minute cram sesh leading up to my Chemistry exam (shout out to Dr. Ashcroft), I bumped Ganglians' new Daytrotter Session though my tinny bullshit laptop speakers. It was tense times in the hallway: "What the fuck, could you turn that weird shit down? I'm trying to study." "Dude wtf are you listening to?" "Maan what is that wack shit?"

So, as usual, I had to suffer in silence until I could find sufficient refuge from the Real World normals and, well, fucking idiot radio rap fans. Whatever. They sound way better in my bedroom through my speakers anyway. And how's that for charity? They treated us to a couple of LP tracks, an EP cut, and an unreleased tune by the name of "My House," which totally kills.

mp3-> Ganglians - Never Mind [Live on Daytrotter]

mp3-> Ganglians - Blood on the Sand [Live on Daytrotter]

mp3-> Ganglians - Hair [Live on Daytrotter]

mp3-> Ganglians - My House [Live on Daytrotter]

[Download the set at Daytrotter]

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