30 January, 2010

New Music: The Soft Pack (Playing 10 Shows in LA Today)

San Diego's Soft Pack aren't part of any nascent glo- or post-anything. They don't use samples, can't be described as "spacey" or "shimmery" and--against fashion--aren't a "one-man-band."

What the Soft Pack are is the best garage rock band this side of Santa Barbara. Their self-titled debut under the Soft Pack moniker (they released an LP as the Muslims in 2008) is a study in lean, precise pop-punk that makes one's toes tap and fingers snap.

Check out "C'mon" and "Answer to Yourself" and tell me you wouldn't kill to be at that show.

mp3-> The Soft Pack - C'Mon [from The Soft Pack, out Feb. 2 on Kemado]


If you dug that, then this will blow your mind. The Soft Pack are playing 10 (TEN) shows in the LA area TODAY.

The next one is at 3:30 at Fingerprints in Long Beach, but they'll be around all day until what promises to be a freakin awesome warehouse party tonight in Frogtown somewhere (I'll be there). All dates / addresses below:

3:30 PM
4612 E. 2nd St
Long Beach, CA

5:00 PM
Secret Beach Show
Follow At Twitter.com/FYFFEST or Twitter.com/TheSoftPack For Location

5:30 PM
6382 Rochelle
Westminster, CA
w/ Crystal Antlers

7:30 PM
Fan House Party in Downey, CA
Follow Twitter.com/TheSoftPack For Location

8:00 PM
Vacation Vinyl
4670 Hollywood Blvd.
w/ Dunes

10:00 PM
Silverlake House Party
w/ Woah Hunx

12 AM
@ The Nomad Gallery
1993 Blake Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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