30 January, 2010

New Music: Party Trash

I don't really know anything about Tennessee's Party Trash, other than dude's name is "jv" and he/they/it are apparently part of the equally baffling Owlhead Collective.

But uh, anyway, this song is really weird and, if I'm not mistaken, features a chop-shopped Thom Yorke on vox.


Party Trash - Chill Out (ft. Thom Yorke) [from Party Trash, out now on Owlhead Collective (I think)][via Don'tDieWondering]

If you do indeed dig, I highly suggest you check out the homie's MySpace for a cornucopia of releases all available for free download, as well as a couple of records from a band called Shit Wolf, who may or may not be these guys.

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