26 January, 2010

New Music: Coyote Clean Up (Free Album Download!)

Apparently this lo-fi electopop thing isn't just a coastal phenomenon, as evidenced by the Motor City's Coyote Clean Up.

Coyote Clean Up -can't shake the full moon from I had An Accident Records on Vimeo.

It's shimmery, Motownish dance music not too unlike that stuff they call "chillwave." Yes, it's all here. The One-Dude-In-A-Bedroom-With-Some-Keyboards mythos, R&B-flavored crooning over tape-hiss synths and liberal use of samples, but the long form of Double Trouble Doo Doo Bubble (I know, I know, I didn't name the thing) and spacey, repetitive house beats bring CCU a little closer to more timeless dance musics of yesterscene.

Which just basically means, these are some cool trippy beats to chill out to, and he's giving away his album for free via Afternoons Modeling, who released the super-ultra-limited hand-painted CDr version of the album. Cause he's a chill chiller, and that's what chill chillers do.


EDIT: Dude just contacted me through the myspizzle and sent me this super-fresh new track, remixing a plunky string-driven track from New Jersey ambient bedroom artist Jen Paul / No Lakes, which takes the original's stark, spare plucking and arms it with good old-fashioned gangsta rap handclaps.

mp3-> Jen Paul / No Lakes - Wheel and a Chime (Coyote Clean Up Dub) [Unreleased]

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  1. I adore CCU and especially love this dub remix of Jen Paul/No Lakes! COME TO BROOKLYN!!