15 December, 2009


Just a scant few weeks since our last edition, and sneaking in before the Holidays get here so I can work on my year-end list (oh em gee), here's volume ten of the Sebastopol Mixtape, our mix of new, old, and interesting music.

This month we're proud to feature selections from the ridiculously hard-to-track-down Pebbles: Trash Box compilation, a scuzzy 60's psych and garage rock set that's been called Nuggets' older, cooler cousin. Also featured in this edition: new music from Spoon, Hot Chip, and Toro y Moi--not to mention some amazing avant-pop from Sacramento's Pregnant, who're so good I put them here twice. If you like what you hear, check out their brilliant Liquidation on Swans tape from Irvine outfit (& Acrobatics Everyday homies) Life's Blood.


1 - The Satyrs - Yesterday's Hero [Pebbles: Trash Box, 1968]
2 - Pregnant - Do That [Liquidation On Swans, 2009]
3 - Spoon - Written in Reverse [Transference, 2009]
4 - Toro Y Moi - You Hid [Causers of This, 2010]
5 - Thee Oh Sees - Block Of Ice [Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion, 2008]
6 - Small Black - Kings of Animals [Demo, 2009]
7 - So Cow - Casablanca [So Cow, 2009]
8 - Gigi - The Old Graveyard (ft. Karl Blau) [Maintenant, 2009]
9 - Squalls - Cindy [Rebel Shoes, 1987]
10 - Hot Chip - Take It In [One Life Stand, 2009]
11 - Palace Guards - No Comin' Back [Pebbles: Trash Box, 1968]
12 - The Octagon - Cross Tops [Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever, 2010]
13 - That Ghost - Cracked The Bottle [Get It And Get Out, 2009]
14 - Pregnant - There's A River [Liquidation On Swans, 2009]
15 - The Homosexuals - Slow Guns [Love Guns?, 2008]
16 - Godfrey - Let's Take a Trip [Pebbles: Trash Box, 1967]



  1. if you dig the pregnant jams, the full-length LIQUIDATION ON SWANS is out on LIFE'S BLOOD -- the demo/forever release is half of the album with some live stuff on the B-side. both are excellent.