15 March, 2009

As if you weren't aware--there is a correlation: Music Preference/SAT Scores

As if one needed another reason to flaunt their fondness of Radiohead or Sufjan Stevens, or utter their disgust with Lil' Wayne and T.I. (Is he in prison, or what? Seriously. I don't get it). A recent study, drawing on Standardized Test Scores from students at institutions such as Cal Tech, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and other prestigious and not so prestigious schools has proved that there is indeed a sketchy link between musical affinity and test scores.
Compiling favorite bands from students at Universities all over the U.S., a list has been generated to show the acts most directly related to high SAT scores. Leading the list is Beethoven, and hanging out at the bottom (I'd like to think of it as the VIP section) is Lil' Wayne. Although the findings shouldn't be used an excuse to exercise any more elitism than necessary--I think it's a rather sufficient assessment of genre preference and academic inclination.

The list is here.

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