06 September, 2010

new song: sweet bulbs - kissing clouds

Brooklyn's Sweet Bulbs may be working firmly within their genre, but that isn't to say that their particular take on blown-out 90's sunshine pop doesn't strike unusually resonant cords. Our first taste came courtesy of the also excellent "Springstung," which blew up all over the place in June when I wasn't paying attention, but "Kissing Clouds" is unavoidable. It gives me the totally unjustifiable impression that the song is actually a couple BPM faster, subtly slowed to stretch out the usually springy girl group vox into yawns of defeat. Look for their first LP Cybergaze, coming (possibly) soon (maybe).

mp3->Sweet Bulbs - Kissing Clouds (from Cybergaze, coming soon I hear)

(via Skatterbrain!)

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