07 September, 2010

new song: kruxe - tremors

One of the things I love about lo-fi pop music is the effort it requires on the part of the listener. While pop's defining characteristic is accessibility, the instant gratification of the hook, lo-fi deliberately inverts the equation. The hooks are there, but buried under three miles of warped tape and analog-transfer artifacts. There's so much white space fudging the differences in texture and pitch that there's quite a bit left up to the subjective reaction of the listener, and one hopes their brain's aren't filling in too much and that the intuitively sniffed-out head-bob factor isn't a figment of their imagination. Tennessee's Kruxe have that delicate tightrope act down pat, serving up 1:38 of bliss with "Tremors." Here the warbly synths ebb and flow like a rippling pond disturbed by a huge ass Rock, subtly obscuring a classical pop melody that sorta reminds me of "This Diamond Ring," but only sorta.

mp3->Kruxe - Tremors

(via Transparent)

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