02 July, 2010

new song: weed diamond - mint in my mouth

Back from a long water + laptop related hiatus, returned from an old music binge the likes of which haven't been seen since the height of Eleventh Grade. Greeting me as I return to the world of the living is this awesome new Weed Diamond track. Their new EP Carry On comes to us via the homie Kevin Greenspon & his stellar Bridgetown Records imprint, responsible for some of the brighter shards of pop gold glinting in the summer sun of 2010. Which is my way of saying sorry for not hitting you up Kevin, I would totally like to meet up at a show sometime. Ariel Pink on 9/11? Holla at'cha boy.


mp3->Weed Diamond - Mint in My Mouth (from Carry On, out now on Bridgetown Records)

(via No Pain in Pop)

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