12 July, 2010

new song: wax idols/hanoi janes - bat cave

Sometimes, all I really need is some twang, some vague sentiment, and that one canned drum beat that Dum Dum Girls ran into the goddamn ground. Oakland's Heather Fedewa bummmed around in a few Bay Area bands with silly names like Hunx and His Punx before striking off on her own as Wax Idols. As good as her own lo-fi garage pop is (check out "Gold Sneakers," yo), this new collab with Dresden's Hanoi Janes is some lowkey brilliance, the triangulated halfway point between the Drums, Best Coast, and Beach Fossils. That is a very strong endorsement coming from this blog, but anyway, that isn't the point. Just turn off your brain (at least the parts that aren't concerned with surfing and/or doing the twist) and bob your head to this fantastic little song.

mp3->Wax Idols/Hanoi Janes - Bat Cave (Unreleased)

(via nofearofpop)

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