12 July, 2010

the drums play daytrotter

Now that I've cleared the air about that dude, I can move on to happier news. I haven't held it against the Drums that NME called them the "coolest band in New York," mostly because they specialize in popping impossibly shiny packets of pure joy into the world. On their recent Daytrotter session, though, they've kinda earned some mad props in my book by somehow turning out to be a tight and raucous little power-pop band. Don't believe me? This version of "Let's Go Surfing" kicks ass waaaay harder than you have ever expected that song to be able to kick ass. Drop the GarageBand drum loops guys, put the mic a little further away from the amp, the world needs to hear you like this more often.

Pop on over to Daytrotter to hear/download the set (requires sign up, but really, sign up for it).

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