19 July, 2010

new song: arches - wide awake

This new batch of Arches songs are so good, man. I know last time all I really had to say about them was that they sounded like Real Estate and that that was alright with me. But listen to this, dude, they're doing some next-level shit on their new self-titled tape. There is nothing less than the Great Bored Angelic Choir hovering over "Wide Awake," held down to the cruel Earth by the skittering uncertainties of the percussion. For some weird reason it reminds me of Wilco--like, YHF Wilco. I dunno man, it's too hot today.

<a href="http://arches.bandcamp.com/track/wide-awake">Wide Awake by Arches</a>

Stream that song and the rest of the tape at the Arches Bandcamp, buy the tape from the homies at the Curatorial Club.

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