06 July, 2010

new music: hunting hat

I don't know if it's the psychedelics in the summer air, the lingering effects of a re-watching of The Devil and Daniel Johnston, or some long-simmering dispute with pop music, but Bellingham WA's Hunting Hat have hit a nail on the head. The nail is me, the head is my head, but it's not so much a "hit." It's like when you fire a missile at the blob and it kinda gets stuck in sludge, making a slight outdent in the back of the creature before it's inevitably absorbed. "2009 (Death Wave)" contains a guitar loop that would make Ducktails blush, tape hiss for the hip kids, and wisps of warbly weird sadness we can all relate too.

<a href="http://huntinghat.bandcamp.com/track/2009-death-wave">2009 (DEATH WAVE) by Hunting Hat</a>

Check out his newest release ,...The Lemon Houses via the homie's Bandcamp page. He's such a sweet guy, he'll even help you out with the monies if you can't drop five bills on some endless chillin.

While you're at it, go back and listen to some Taterbug.

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