15 July, 2010

best thing ever: coolrunnings cover talking heads

I don't think I'm using any hyperbole when I say that Talking Heads' "Road to Nowhere" is lowkey one of the most beautiful pop songs of all time. COOLRUNNINGS, a band I'm mostly familiar with for their name, went and did something that some are suggesting indicates another cinematic touchstone: the 1989 kiddy horror-comedy Little Monsters, co-starring none other than Fred Savage and the Guru Mandel. It's a pretty faithful cover, mostly turning up the swing on the drum machine a little bit and replacing that ethereal, otherworldy accordian with some achy Casio strings. Whether the reference was intended or not, this one holds a special place in my heart, a frequent fixture on the endless KTLA 5 Weekend Film Festivals of my childhood. Check out the original (in context):

mp3->COOLRUNNINGS - Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads cover)

stadiums and shrines)

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