07 June, 2010

new song: antarctica takes it! - c & f

This may very well be the happiest, poppiest, totally "lovely" little song to grace these pages in a long time. Veiled in the fog of history was a time when I went really batshit crazy for indie-pop. Like, I'm talkin' Ra Ra Riot and Summer Cats. Yeah.

The reason I bring it up is that those were the last times I listened to this little NorCal band called Antarctica Takes It! (exclamation point theirs). I was in love with their little lo-fi debut album The Penguin League, and thankfully their newest album Constellations doesn't suffer from overproduction, preserving that undefinable (but probably "cute") charm without making it sound forced. Kudos and tapping feet to these dudes.

<a href="http://antarcticatakesit.bandcamp.com/track/c-f">C&amp;F by Antarctica Takes It!</a>

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