04 May, 2010

vivian girls play new songs on daytrotter

The world's foxiest punk band took themselves a little road trip this March (while everyone in the world was at South by Southwest) to Rock Island, Illinois. Crammed into the "unassuming" (their words) Fututeappletree Studio Too, the Vivian Girls let loose some hushed thrash for the Daytrotter Sessions.

Throwing in a couple new songs along with cuts from their debut album, it's an eclectic set eschewing the squalling guitars and reverbed vocals of their records for a quieter, cleaner sound that showcases their gorgeous surf harmonies. Be sure to check out the haunting rendition of "Never See Me Again" from their first LP.

mp3->Vivian Girls - Never See Me Again (Daytrotter Session)

Download the whole set at Dayttotter

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