03 May, 2010

new music: thick shakes

Thinking of a clever opening sentence for this post, I just keep coming back to "This band fucking rules."

Thick Shakes are classical garage-rock revivalists hailing from Massachusetts, and they make some of the most convincing rock 'n' roll music floating around the tubes these days. Do the twist to these tunes:

mp3->Thick Shakes - (Baby) You're a Starfish (from Ooh Mommy, out now on Snugglehound)

mp3->Thick Shakes - Nobody's Girl (from Ooh Mommy, out now on Snugglehound)

The distortion is cranked to 11. The riffs harken to Lord Berry. They cover the Magnetic Fields. And their record is available for free via their website.


Seriously why are you still here?

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