20 May, 2010

new song: nude boy - d.i. dad

It seems like just the other day I posted a couple tracks from San Diego's Nude Boy. I mentioned they've got a new 7'' coming out on Single Screen, and now you can hear the fuzzed-to-death a-side, "D.I. Dad." It's, like, imagine an airplane's engine has exploded. A big 747. The fucker's going down: it's on fire and there's a hole in the side. But when they find the Black Box, they discover the pilots had been using the craft's last few seconds to blast some Siouxsie & the Banshees over the shitty cabin PA.

Plane crash imagery: my new go-to for talking about lo-fi.

mp3->Nude Boy - D.I. Dad (from the Nude Boy 7'', out now on Single Screen)

I also highly recommend downloading this compilation.

(via Planetary Group)

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