12 May, 2010

new music: nude boy

So there's this cloud of really pissed-off magic that, like, circles the globe. From time to time it touches down in this or that run-down downtown and gives birth to greatness. Places like Manchester, Los Angeles, Aukland. This particular post finds it hovering somewhere above sunny San Diego, its sights zeroed in on the girls and boys of Nude Boy.

There's a nice texture to the guitars on "Quaker." It's something you're more likely to hear from the crackling vinyl of a forgotten punk 7'' than a young band, but they channel the Class of '77 with a level of craft and class not seen since the late Mika Miko. The homie Melissa was cool enough to send me a couple mp3's of some songs that're up on theirSpace. Look for their debut 7'' which is dropping sometime this/next month on Single Screen.

mp3->Nude Boy - Quakers (Unreleased)

mp3->Nude Boy - Matador (Unreleased)

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