31 May, 2010

new music: deathbomb arc comp 2010

Remember a while back I posted a new Tan Dollar track? That song is appearing on a sweet new compilation from the homies at Deathbomb Arc alongside new shit from some bands we really like.

<a href="http://deathbombarc.bandcamp.com/album/2010-ce">Awake but Not Aware by Deathbomb Arc</a>

Should you scope out the player above, you might hear some chill tunes from Run DMT, Kiss Kiss Fantastic, and Girls in the Eighties. You can stream the comp all you want, but if you're fixing to listen to this thing on your iPod, you gotttagivealittletogetalittle over at the Deathbomb Arc Bandcamp.

And don't forget, you can get this song for free too...

mp3->Tan Dollar - Heaven (from the Deathbomb Arc Summer CDR)

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