10 May, 2010

new song: tan dollar - heaven

I might not know the homies Tan Dollar, per se. But I had a cig with them outside of an Acrobatics Everyday show and I went to the record release show for their first album Your Body as a Temple, so I think it's safe to say we're practically BFFs.

They posted their newest track "Heaven" over on their blog a couple weeks ago and it's a doozy of a three-note key-powered bliss-out. Dudes tell me it's going to show up on an upcoming comp from Deathbomb Arc (this one?).

mp3->Tan Dollar - Heaven (from the Deathbomb Arc Summer CDR)

Also: Tan Dollar will be coming out to Pomona at the end of the month to play a show with all-around awesome guys / my favorite band / my good homies Stay Cool Forever. I'm not exaggerating--this shit will be THE FUTURE OF TUNES.

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