16 October, 2009

New Frat Dad - Freak In Nature

So that dude Fluffy Lumbers is also in this band called Frat Dad, who you might have heard earlier this year on the homies Underwater Peoples' Summer Showcase comp.

Well, "Freak in Nature" is better than any of those songs. Lumbers' Samuel Franklin and fellow Ridgewood, NJ suburbanite James Benson trade call-and-response vocals over a murky psych-punk groove, and a chorus that would be a speaker-obliterator if it hadn't already obliterated whatever was used to record it.

mp3-> Frat Dad - Freak in Nature [from the Frat Dad 7'', out now on Underwater Peoples]



  1. there vocals arent call and repsonse. there haromnizing. closer to what simon and garfunkel do relaly.