17 June, 2009

Best Thing Ever: Blur Reunion Shows

And the heavens parted, and Blur did play once more, and it was good.

At the East Anglian Railroad Museum, where they played their first show ever back in 1988, Damon, Graham, and co. made their live reunion debut to a really bored looking crowd.

Some dude was at the show, and has uploaded an amazing set of classic Blur tracks including the fist-pumping "Country House."

His videos here.

The next day, the boys in Blur played a surprise in-store at Rough Trade East in London, laying down more classic tracks, including a kickass version of "Beetlebum." Another dude was there.

Unfortunately, Blur haven't scheduled any stateside dates yet, but with massive festival appearances in the UK this summer, I'm not the only one waiting with baited breath for a tour announcement.

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