12 May, 2009

Video: New Shins Songs Live in Hollywood

Understand it is a strange thing for me to post about the Shins post-Wincing, but then this is not the same Shins.

Shins frontguy James Mercer, having shook up the band's lineup, has some new pals and new tunes that've been making appearances here and there on their current tour.

According to Stereogum's Progress Report:
The shakeup wasn't personal, it just ties to Mercer's goals for the new record. The two new tracks they debuted this tour -- "Double Bubble" and "The Rifle's Spiral," call for a beefier rhythm section: "[The songs are] just a bit more rhythmic. They're kind of about the percussion and stuff. One of them is really angular and chunky. It's jabs with chords instead of strumming," he says. "And then the other one is really rhythmic and has kind of a mod, new wave sound to it."

Angular and chunky:

A mod, new wave sound(?):

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