10 February, 2009

Video - Times New Viking Live on Pitchfork's A>D>D

Every once and a while, chronically-overdriven slackers Times New Viking emerge from behind their veil of hiss and squall and willfully subject themselves to professional(ish)-grade recording equipment. The result: they're every bit as good as the seem behind all the noise.

TNV recently recorded a session with Pitchfork.tv's new show A>D>D--which has a pretty sweet concept--following in the footsteps of noted thrashers Ponytail and Fucked Up.

The set finds the bright-eyed and sullen-cheeked young trio running through their recent iTunes-only Stay Awake EP, as well as some tracks from last year's terrific Rip It Off.

Here is "Sick and Tyred," off Stay Awake.

The entire set can be seen at Pitchfork.tv

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