05 February, 2009

Just To Share

Just to make sure my first post is prolific enough, I thought I would share the line-up for every West Coast hipster, hippie, and desperate-to-be-cool Dad's favorite desert music festival: Coachella.

2009 seems to be following the Coachella trend of recent years--that is saturate the gig with a bunch of "must-see bands," but keep the headliners relatively familiar. A brief analysis of the line-up might lead to the conclusion that the organizers are counting on nostalgia to motivate ticket sales. Paul McCartney is joined by Leonard Cohen on the first day, and The Cure closes out the bash on the third. Aside from the high profile kings of yesterday's charts, there will be a tremendous presence of indie-rock royalty such as Fleet Foxes, TV on the Radio, Conor Oberst, Band of Horses, etc. The Los Angeles psychedelic and punk scenes are also well-represented with Ariel Pink, Gang Gang Dance, and No Age trekking out to the hot sands of Indio for the big weekend. Perhaps the acts that will be most intimately appreciated by niche fans are the legendary 'gazers My Bloody Valentine (Not to sound overly pretentious but I had them pegged for 'chella the minute they played Santa Monica) the noisy New Yorkers A Place to Bury Strangers, the vixen Vivian Girls, and the ever self-conscious Morrissey. Hip Hop, Lounge, and Trip are definitely sparse this year, with only a couple high profile talents posted to the roster. Oddly enough, the only noticeable contemporary VH1/MTV darlings making appearances look to be Amy Winehouse and The Killers--one may only hope this trend continues into 2010 and beyond. On a personal note, I'm somewhat surprised that the pseudo-rave trend has not followed Coachella into 2009. Apparently last year's attempt to capture the sweaty, ecstasy driven, candy-covered raver crowd won't be repeated anytime soon.

I look forward to posting more news (and potential rants) in the future. --Ryan


  1. Shephard Fairey's going to be there? I didn't know he did music.

  2. Too bad he went to jail the other night... check it out on google news there's like 1000 articles