27 April, 2011

doctor einstein, we're going supernova

Milan, 1979: avant-garde electronic composer Roberto Cacciapaglia teams up with an upstart American singer/model by the name of Ann Steel to produce one of modern music's greatest pieces of science fiction. Ann Steel is totally weird, a space-age Italo-disco epic touching on the great Futurist themes: highways, progress, the delirious rush of modern life. "My Time" chugs along on impossibly fat synths while Steel's remarkable voice at turns drips cyborg androgyny, accented cheese, and even drops a John Cale impression about halfway in.

Cacciapaglia on making music with computers:
"It is a marvellously poetic instrument that evokes the beauty of the new technologic environment and it gives everything a great artificial taste of grand actuality . . . I would like it to be even more simplistic, in fact, and my aspiration is to uncover it on a weightless day – so weightless, in fact, as to have it fly away like a balloon."
mp3->Roberto Cacciapaglia & Ann Steel - My Time (from Ann Steel, 1979)

(via this guest mix by White Denim on Gorilla vs. Bear)

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