20 January, 2011

video: times new viking - no room to live

"No Room to Live" is the first song to appear from Times New Viking's upcoming Merge LP Dancer Equired, on which they claim to have exorcised the flaming-headed hardxcore punk ghosts inhabiting most of their catalog. I'm really excited for it. I'd also like to share with you TNV's MySpace "about me" bio, since it's really amazing.

Times New Viking - No Room to Live from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Breath in: snuff a line speed, a half hour jump on your cheap amplifiers, salad yet once a half hour with you yet cheaper guitar against the wall. Write eleven popliedjes, lay the emphasis on cryptic and forget everything your song teacher you ever learned has. Seek your neighbor girl on and tell her that your musics will make. Lay her emphatically from that she must not try to sing. Stick, now that you it really are, also just your tongue between her lips till you certainly are that they that rather has not. Give her then you eleven popliedjes and (optioneel) a guitar. Question her these eleven popliedjes with you together to not to sing, expect of it surplus. Mess what with the buttons on the amplifier, let the hamster of your neighbor girl also once over the strings run, sign the head of the father of your neighbor girl on the skins of a Bears Smit drumstel, call her feather ten-year-old little brother and lay from that its father him really real hatred. Breath out: and voila, Yourself Summoned.

Sounds good? Sounds in it really yet better. Blessed with a delicious dose ADHD-spontaneity and a fine nose for popmelodieƫn know Tim New Viking on Summoned Yourself a particular charming pot borrow-fi garagepop down to dump. A kind of contemporary version of The Shaggs, but then without the implicit family tie. More a neighbor boy-neighbor girl tie thus.

mp3->Times New Viking - No Room to Live (from Dancer Equired, out 4/25 on Merge)

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  1. The new video for "No Room to Live" is like dropping acid and watching "Take On Me":