09 December, 2010

new music: jordan piper phillips

From the enigmatic OSR Tapes label/project/collective comes some minimal lo-fi pop by one Jordan Piper Phillips, who may or may not also be involved in the similarly obscure Blanche Blanche Blanche. Today OSR posted a couple of mp3's from a new self-released tape he's made titled Back to Sleep, which they describe as a "c40 of single- and multi-tracked originals & covers onna childhood keyboard, contact zphillips@gmail if you want one.." All gone :(

mp3->Jordan Piper Phillips - Wasting My Time (from the Back to Sleep C40, self-release)

mp3->Jordan Piper Phillips - I Wanna Be Young (Ariel Pink cover) (from the Back to Sleep C40, self-release)

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