17 December, 2010

new music: wild pack of canaries

For a while now, Long Beach's Wild Pack of Canaries have been my favorite band that I couldn't listen to. They totally floored me last summer when they played a little free gig with Stay Cool Forever at Joey's in Pomona, but until now they haven't had much in the way of polished recordings available. LBC contempos Mountain Man Records just released the band's first album, The Coroner Can Wait, a fantastic and improbable amalgam of most everything I love about indie rock. Inside you'll find satisfyingly weird songwriting built on latin rhythms coexisting uncomfortably with mathy breakdowns and an intangible carnival vibe. Also included: random horn sections, anthemic wailing, streams-of-(un)consciousness. Prog that's too punk to let you get away with calling it prog, and splits your lip, brain.

mp3->Wild Pack of Canaries - The Coroner Can Wait (from The Coroner Can Wait, out now on Mountain Man)

mp3->Wild Pack of Canaries - Little Brazilian Kids (from The Coroner Can Wait, out now on Mountain Man)

(via Mountain Man Records)

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