28 December, 2010

like, srsly guys

I had the most AMAZING time at FMLY Fest day 2, big huge epic ups to all the homies who came out to Kaos Network and the Cozy Castle today, Staycool and Emily Reo doing it big for sure. Many thanks and hugs to all the amazing spirits I met tonight; Cathrine: you're cute too ♥ I hope I see you again some day, Dara: keep up the good work soul sista, your writing only confirms the awesomeness suggested by your amazing JD t-shirt, Ben: keep it real dude, but even if you don't I'm pretty sure you'll manage, Vacation Dad: your set was mind-blowing bro, take what you have learned back to Wisconsin, there is no difference between Los Angeles and Wisconsin.

Peace & ♥ everybody, I'm about to pass out...

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