29 November, 2010

new song: stay cool forever - i love money island

The mad homies Stay Cool Forever have finally put the finishing touches on their first release, the aptly titled Whenever EP. Along with the previously featured "Darcy/Like/Love/Fade" and "(Young Wiley)," you can now check out the legit studio version of live favorite "I Love Money Island," another woozily shimmering excursion to tropical locales unknown to the unfaded. Look for Whenever coming early 2011 from How To Be A Microwave.

I Love Money Island by Stay Cool Forever

In related news, the always chill will be playing the astounding FMLY Fest at the end of next month with local heavy-hitters like Wonder Wheel and Truman Peyote. Should be off the proverbial chain, please do come out it's only $10 for a two-day pass.

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