22 November, 2010

new music: holy ghost party

Convulsions. Hysterics. "Getting drunk in the Holy Spirit!" Such are the horrors of the "Holy Ghost party," a frightening new trend among fundamentalist teens. Seriously, this shit is fucking weird.

To counter this new cosmic threat, the stars aligned and brought forth an elemental force of weirdness in the form of Baltimore's own version of a Holy Ghost Party. I caught these dudes this past weekend at Acrobatics Everyday and was totally blown away by the tripped-out tropical/prog/psych-art-pop parade these two dudes were leading through the Cross-Cultural Center. Singer Dave's sick wig was apparently matched only by his generosity, and he hooked me up with the proverbial Business (a CD-R with their recent Prog Parents tape and newer material that they're currently shopping around).

mp3->Holy Ghost Party - Tricky (from the Prog Parents EP, out now on WTR CLR)

mp3->Holy Ghost Party - Chef Soldiers (unreleased)

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