09 September, 2010

new music: outer limits recordings

This is seriously on some next-level shit. As far as I can tell, Outer Limits Recordings is a loose consortium of dudes vaguely associated with the venerable Olde English Spelling Bee and masterminded by one Sam Mehran. More than that I can't quite glean, though their YouTube channel somewhat resemble 30-year-old public-access TV broadcasts from Planet Claire. Tune in to OLRTV for an astonishing journey into the VHS glam dungeon. VHSGD.

This track, credited to The Sweethearts, is a good intro.

And in case you haven't seen it, watch the working man get screwed out of another greenback by the bourgie musician crowd in the video for "$20 Dollar Bill."


mp3->Outer Limits Recordings - $20 Dollar Bill

(via Transparent)

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  1. sounds like these guys got a hold of ariel pinks 8track recorder, since he doesn't use it anymore.