10 May, 2010

new song: woom - the hunt

Spanning both coasts (I think), WOOM make sparse, sing-along art pop that begins with few moving parts and then coalesces and builds as new layers appear. Consisting of 2/3 of Brooklyn-via-Oakland trio Flying, Sara Magenheimer and Eben Portnoy started playing their own tunes as Fertile Crescent before settling on WOOM (upgrade), an appropriately breezy moniker that goes well with the wafty High Places vibe I'm getting off "The Hunt."

mp3->WOOM - The Hunt (possibly from their upcoming debut LP, coming this summer from Ba Da Bing!)

(via You Ain't No Picasso)

It is totally worth it to head over to their MySpace and listen to the other couple songs they've posted as they're both excellent. Also, here's a video of some of the kids' work with Flying, who are really absolutely awesome and will be written about in these pages... veerrrryy soooonnnnnn...

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