07 May, 2010

best thing ever: yuzo kayama

Big ups to the homie Aquarium Drunkard, who's been providing a pretty sick education in awesome surf music lately. His latest find is the amazing (and adorable) Yuzo Kayama. Homie was a Japanese big-screen hunk, a serious actor who was in a Kurosawa movie, and he got to play with the freakin Ventures.

I seriously cannot believe this dude wasn't anywhere on the Kill Bill soundtrack. It's like Quentin went back in time and created a band just for himself.

mp3->Yuzo Kayama - Black Sand Beach (from Black Sand Beach, 1964)

mp3->Yuzo Kayama - Violet Sky (from Black Sand Beach, 1964)

(via Aquarium Drunkard)

And if you're so inclined, you can watch an entire Kayama live show from back in 1966 if you search his name on YouTube. Do it.

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