28 April, 2010

new song: the books - beautiful people

It's backwards and reverbed, but the harmony that opens "Beautiful People," the new track by collage maestros the Books, is unmistakably theirs. They're following up 2005's stunning Lost and Safe with The Way Out, coming in July from their new label Temporary Residence.

Perhaps catching some of the tropical sounds floating around their native NYC lately, the drums are a bit swingier than we're used to hearing from them, and the hazy wavy synth stuff going on sorta takes me away to, like, a planet where astrophilosophizers shout their mad revelations to the heavens under a sky with three moons. And surfers. With jetpacks.

I forgot where I was going with this.

mp3->The Books - Beautiful People (from The Way Out, out July on Temporary Residence)

(via p4k)

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