02 March, 2010

video: New Gorillaz - Stylo

You may have heard that Damon Albarn's conceptual hip-hop group Gorillaz is back with a new album, and we have now our first video detailing the continuing adventures of the UK's biggest virtual band. The pretty bad-ass clip features Murdoc, 2D, and "Cyborg Noodle" (no idea) jammin' on down a barren desert road in their V8 Stylo, running from the Po' and racing with Bruce Willis. Plastic Beach is their most rhyme-heavy album to date, and while the homie Josh may have a thing or two to say about that, the beats have a weird Euro disco house thing going on that I dig.

Also omg Bruce.

Here's the catch: you have to watch it on YouTube. They disabled embedding. 'Cause Gorillaz are on EMI, and EMI are the fucking devil. In case you didn't know.

[Watch on Youtube]

Don't forget you can also stream Plastic Beach in its entirety at NPR.

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