24 February, 2010

mp3: New Dosh - Number 41 (ft. Andrew Bird)

What's that you say? You've always wanted to hear Andrew Bird croon over spacey big-beats instead of worldly indie pop? Well shit dawg, the homie Dosh is all over that.

The trucker-topped virtuoso is back with a new record on Bay Area rabblerousers anticon. in a couple of months. Titled Tommy, it definitely supports Dosh's reputation for delicate clamorous compositions and the percussion god is in full force. First single, "Number 41," starts off like a YACHT song and goes through some abrupt tempo changes and wriggly vocal fx before Bird's voice finally swoops in and does it's impeccable thing.

mp3-> Dosh - Number 41 (ft. Andrew Bird) [from Tommy, out 4/13 on anticon.]

[Download][via p4k]

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