04 January, 2010

Sad News: Rock Plaza Central to Tour No More Forever

Bad news for fans of Canadian po-mo post-folkies Rock Plaza Central who missed their invite-only show at Pomona College with O'Death last year (F$#*@&%!#!).

According to frontman Chris Eaton's myspace:
...touring feels to me like a colossal waste of time when I’m accomplishing nothing. Sure, touring promotes bands and is the only way to make any money at this thing any more (see rant below), but all I can really think about is how much more music (and fiction, which I’m more into at the moment) I could make if I were at home.

Long story short: there won't be any more long Rock Plaza Central tours, and they probably won't be coming back to my... er, let's say "sleepy" hometown.


Rock Plaza Central - Them That Are Good, And Them That Are Bad - TV DESSERTS - ep. 6 from Lenny Epstein on Vimeo.

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