30 December, 2009

New Music: A Faulty Chromosome - craving to be coddled so we can feel fake-safe

It's not often that I'm Into CB ventures into full-on altruism, but it's just as rare to come across a band as hardworking, under-appreciated, and consistently fantastic as Austin's (where else?) A Faulty Chromosome.

As you may or may not know, being a good band these days is fucking impossible. Drowning in debt from the release of last year's brilliant as an ex-anorexic's six sicks exit,... LP, AFC mastermind Eric Dalke made like Iran and took the internet by storm, giving away his new album craving to be coddled so we can feel fake-safe and hoping you like it so much you'll give him money so you could get a chance to buy it.

Luckily for Eric, the new album has songs like this:

And by "has" I mean "consists entirely of." Long story short, the new record got made, and anyone not lucky enough to snag a physical copy can download the whole thing on five-finger discount right here.

Coincidentally, their Virb site is amazing, features liner notes and lyrics (!) and even their first essential LP, which you may find is equally free. Don't forget to stop by the band's Kickstart page and show them some love.

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